Asphalt Repair and Overlay Tips in King of Prussia PA

When an asphalt parking lot or roadway suffers from surface damage, one of the best pavement repair techniques is asphalt overlay. This service can improve an old, crumbling paved surface and add years to its life with a new layer of pavement.

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Everything PA Business Owners Need to Know about Asphalt Overlay

What does asphalt overlay do?

This pavement repair service involves laying a new layer of asphalt of around 2” over top of an existing paved layer. The existing pavement is usually cleaned and any other repair services like crack filling or patching is performed.

When is an overlay recommended?

Asphalt overlays are most effective when the underlying pavement is structurally sound and under 20 years old. It can take care of surface issues like uneven pavement and some surface deterioration, but any damage that involves the pavement base layer will show through the overlay.

What do you do when an overlay isn’t enough?

Other asphalt resurfacing techniques like milling and pulverization can remove a damaged top layer of pavement, allowing new asphalt to be poured and compacted for a new top layer. If the issues go deeper than this, however, a full asphalt removal and replacement needs to be done. This involves completely demolishing the old asphalt, removing it for recycling, repairing and grading the sub base, and then laying new layers of asphalt pavement. The expense of asphalt replacement is why overlay is a cost effective measure to take before damage gets too bad.

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