Pothole Repairs

Let’s face it, the combination of bad weather and heavy traffic is never a good time for your pavement. With cars, trucks, and other vehicles rolling over damaged asphalt, there is only one result: Potholes. However, Associated Paving Contractors provides exceptional pothole repair services to businesses and municipalities in Philadelphia and surrounding areas including the Delaware Valley, Lehigh Valley, and Southern NJ.

About APCON Pothole Repairs

  • How Potholes Form

    Parking lots develop potholes due to heavy traffic over pavement that has been weakened by water. This is especially true during the winter season when snow, salt, and plows create even more potholes, causing drivers to swerve and get into accidents. This is not safe for anyone, which is why you should contact APCON right away for professional pothole repair services.

  • How Pothole Repair Works

    Our fast and efficient pothole repair service will save you time and money as well as keep your property safe. We can fill potholes as well as perform asphalt patching services that cut around the pothole and replace the whole area with new asphalt.

  • Make Pothole Repairs Part of Your Parking Lot Maintenance Plan

    If you wait too long to fix potholes, the damage accumulates, and you will need expensive parking lot repair services. With our frequent maintenance plan, you can call us as soon as someone notifies you of a pothole, and we will be on site in an instant.

Associated Paving Contractors: Trusted Local Pothole Repair Experts

For over forty years, APCON has been providing to notch pavement repair services all over the Delaware Valley area and Pennsylvania. APCON offers the right approach for all sizes of potholes. We will help you minimize the damage before it spreads, adding years of life to your asphalt parking lot.

Don’t suffer with potholes in your parking lot or roadway! Contact Associated Paving Contractors for the best pothole repairs around!

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