Parking Lot Striping

Whether you have an apartment complex, a municipal building, or a shopping center, one thing you will need is a beautiful, safe parking lot. The best way to do that is to partner with a local commercial paving company with extensive experience.

Associated Paving Contractors is the trusted parking lot paving company with the most experience with asphalt and concrete paving to create the best parking lots in the area.  We are proud to serve Philadelphia and surrounding areas including the Delaware Valley, Lehigh Valley, and Southern NJ,

Everything Property Owners Should Know About Parking Lot Striping

  • The Importance of Parking Lot Line Striping

    The painted symbols on your commercial pavement show visitors where to park, where not to park, and how to navigate your property, so they’re very important. Faded parking lines and handicapped parking symbols are not only hazards for visitors but can also open up property owners to liability.

  • More Than Just Lines: Line Striping & Pavement Stencils

    Parking stall lines aren’t the only symbols you’ll need to get your parking lot up to code. A reputable paving company can apply other symbols using high visibility traffic paint and quality pavement stencils. Other pavement symbols include:

    • Handicapped parking symbols
    • “No Parking Zone” curbs
    • Hazard marking
    • Reserved parking spaces
    • Letters & numbers
    • Electric vehicle charging spaces
  • The Line Striping Process

    • First, an experienced parking lot contractor will consult with you to design the perfect traffic flow and maximize your parking spaces.
    • Next, the paving crew will arrange alternate parking for the times when they will be working. Crews can also work on large parking lots in sections to minimize business interruptions.
    • Traffic paint is applied by spraying and by hand, depending on your needs. Reputable paving contractors also have a variety of stencils to meet your needs.
  • Parking Lot Striping Maintenance

    It’s also important to keep your pavement markings bright and fresh to avoid vehicle accidents and pedestrian injuries. It’s recommended that you get a parking lot sealcoating and have parking lot striping repainted once every 2-3 years for low traffic areas and yearly for high traffic pavement.

Associated Paving Contractors: Parking Lot Striping Experts in Philadelphia PA

With over forty years paving experience in the Delaware Valley and Pennsylvania, we’re well-versed in all national and municipal codes regarding commercial pavement and vehicle parking. We can take care of all the details, leaving you with a code-compliant and safe parking lot that will last for years.

Ready to make your parking lot look professional? Call Associated Paving Contractors, Philadelphia PA’s premier commercial paving company, for quality line striping services!

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