Parking Lot Maintenance

One of the most overlooked types of asphalt paving service is parking lot maintenance, even though asphalt maintenance services like line striping and sealcoating provide some of the highest return on investment by protecting your pavement from wear and weather. Parking Lot Bollards can also help protect structures in and around the parking lot area so its important to keep those concrete bollards in good order.

Why Parking Lot Maintenance is Important

  • Longevity – Maintenance services are specifically designed to extend the life of your commercial pavement.
  • Protection – With regular asphalt maintenance, you can prevent damage from happening by protecting your pavement from common stressors.
  • Value –  It is much cheaper to perform parking lot maintenance than to completely repave your commercial pavement.

Pavement Maintenance Services for Parking Lots

  • Parking Lot Sealcoating

    One of the most requested pavement maintenance services for commercial properties is asphalt sealcoating. A sealcoat restores dry pavement while also protecting against water, oxygen, UV rays, and physical wear. This makes parking lot sealing a very cost effective maintenance service that’s both restorative and preventative.

  • Line Striping

    The parking symbols, stall lines, and hazard markings make a parking lot what it is, and they should remain solid and bright in all weather conditions to best protect visitors to your commercial property. That’s why it’s so important to get regular parking lot line striping and curb painting services from your trusted commercial paving company.

  • Snow Removal & Pavement Sweeping

    Many business owners think that keeping their parking lot clean is an added expense with no benefit, but letting snow and debris sit on an asphalt surface contributes to surface deterioration, widening cracks and exposing aggregate. That’s why regular sweeping and snow removal are key to keeping your pavement strong all through the year.

Associated Paving Contractors: Parking Lot Maintenance Experts in Philadelphia PA

In Philadelphia, Montgomery County, Bucks County PA and Southern NJ, Associated Paving Contractors are the leading commercial paving company. We’re proud to serve local business owners, and we’ll work hard to keep your asphalt parking lots in good repair all year long.

Don’t make your customers suffer with a dirty, deteriorating parking lot! Contact Associated Paving Contractors, the premier paving company in Philadelphia PA for advanced parking lot maintenance services.

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