Crack Filling

Cracks in your asphalt pavement don’t just get better on their own, and they can cause more severe pavement problems if left untreated. The only way to stop the ongoing damage is with professional crack filling services from your trusted local paving company.

In the entire Delaware Valley and Southern NJ area, Associated Paving Contractors (APCON) is that trusted commercial paving company with over 40 years experience with parking lot repairs like crack filling. We’re dedicated to keeping local pavement safe, and crack sealing is one way to do that.

Exceptional Crack Filling Services from APCON

Before you seek out our asphalt repair services, let’s take a moment to understand how asphalt crack filling works.

  • Why Does Asphalt Crack?

    It’s important to understand how different types of cracks develop so you know what kind of repairs will best restore your parking lot or roadway. Whether shallow and interconnected or deep and wide, pavement cracking can be caused by:

    • Temperature changes
    • Improper installation
    • Surface wear
    • Water penetration
    • Heavy vehicles
  • Crack Filling Processes

    Depending on the type of damage, pavement cracks can be repaired in several ways:

    • Injection – Hot asphalt emulsion is injected into deep cracks and allowed to cure, sealing them up.
    • Crack Fillers – Asphalt emulsion is pushed into the cracks and compacted to ensure cracks are filled.
    • Surface Sealing – The entire surface of the asphalt pavement is sealed with a thicker type of asphalt emulsion to seal shallow cracks and protect it from further deterioration.

Associated Paving Contractors, Trusted for Quality Crack Filling in PA

We have over 40 years experience with asphalt pavement in the Delaware Valley area, including repair of the range of pavement damage, such as cracking and deterioration. We use only the most advanced crack filling and asphalt repair processes to extend the life of your parking lot, roadway, or any type of commercial pavement.

Contact Associated Paving Contractors, Philadelphia PA’s trusted commercial paving company, for all your pavement repair needs, including crack filling!

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