Parking Lot Bollards

Concrete bollards are one of the most overlooked constructions in a commercial parking lot, but they can be a vital part of an attractive, easy to navigate parking lot. These concrete barriers can be created in any shape to match your commercial property, increasing your curb appeal and business!

In Montgomery County and Philadelphia PA, Associated Paving Contractors is the most reputable paving company for all aspects of commercial parking lots, from quality asphalt paving to concrete constructions ranging from drainage systems, to curbing, to concrete parking lot bollards.

Concrete Bollards: A Professional Finish to Your Philadelphia Parking Lot

  • What Are Concrete Bollards?

    Parking lot bollards, usually constructed from concrete, are physical barriers in a parking lot that stop cars but allow people to pass through. Bollards can come in a variety of shapes, from posts to cubes to spheres, and they can have reflective paint or an attractive concrete finish.

  • Benefits of Parking Lot Bollards

    In order to protect pedestrians and control vehicle traffic on your commercial property, parking lot bollards are a must. Concrete parking bollards offer many advantages, including:

    • Control Traffic – By providing a physical barrier for vehicles, they limit driver’s movements, directing traffic, and even lower driving speeds.
    • Provide Security – Bollards are a physical barrier protecting both pedestrians and buildings from vehicle accidents.
    • Improve Curb Appeal – With the variety of shapes, parking lot bollards can match any architectural design and improve your curb appeal.
    • Create Physical Barriers – Parking lot bollards are attractive barriers to protect any visitor to a variety of property types, including retail establishments, schools, churches, banks, and public properties.

Get Professional Looking Parking Lot Bollards from Associated Paving Contractors, Philadelphia PA’s Trusted Commercial Paving Company

Associated Paving Contractors became Philadelphia PA’s premier commercial paving company by providing the highest quality asphalt and concrete paving to area businesses for over 40 years. In the Delaware Valley, APCON is the trusted company for parking lot paving, line striping, parking lot repair, and commercial concrete paving.

Want to upgrade your parking lot with concrete bollards? Contact Associated Paving Contractors, Philadelphia PA’s premier commercial paving company, for quality concrete paving services!

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