Asphalt Milling & Recycling

When your asphalt pavement has suffered over the years and has been repaired over and over again, many property owners may think that a full depth replacement is the only thing to do. But worn pavement has a chance at a new life with asphalt milling services!

The key to effective pavement rehabilitation with asphalt milling is to have the work performed by a trusted local paving company like Associated Paving Contractors (APCON). We have over forty years experience with paving services like milling and asphalt resurfacing, and we’re proud to help local businesses and municipalities keep up their asphalt pavement.

The Asphalt Milling & Recycling FAQ, by APCON

  • What is asphalt milling?

    Asphalt milling refers to the process of breaking up and removing the top layer of pavement (usually around 1 – 3 inches in depth) using specialized grinding equipment that tears up the asphalt and removes it for recycling. A new layer of asphalt can then be installed without disturbing drainage or curbs.

  • What is Asphalt Recycling?

    A process called in-place asphalt recycling involves breaking up the pavement using milling, and then reforms it into a new asphalt surface. Sometimes paving contractors use heat to melt the recycled asphalt, but sometimes they pour a new layer of the crushed pavement for a fresh top layer.

  • Why Get Asphalt Milling

    This paving service is meant to create a new, unbroken surface, so it’s best performed on parking lots and roadways that:

    • Are less than 20 years old
    • Have stable, undamaged gravel base layers
    • Aren’t suffering from major drainage issues
    • Don’t have damaged concrete curbs or storm drains
  • How is asphalt milling performed?

    The asphalt resurfacing process, when milling is used, goes like this:

    • The grinding drum on the milling machine breaks up existing asphalt to a specified depth.
    • A vacuum system removes asphalt chunks and transfers them to a conveyer belt, which transports it to a truck for hauling away.
    • The surface is cleaned and hot asphalt is poured over the exposed surface, creating a brand new, undamaged surface.

Call Associated Paving Contractors for Asphalt Milling in Philadelphia

With our asphalt experience in In Philadelphia and surrounding Southern NJ areas, we’re uniquely positioned to perform commercial asphalt repairs in a variety of industries. From apartment complexes to municipal properties, we can rehabilitate your damaged pavement with advanced asphalt repair services.

Don’t put visitors to your property in danger with damaged pavement! Contact Associated Paving Contractors for quality asphalt milling services!

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