Recycled Hot Mix Asphalt

Most people don’t realize that asphalt pavement can be recycled by their trusted local paving contractor, making asphalt a very green paving choice! In Philadelphia PA, Associated Paving Contractors is known as the local commercial paving company that cares about the communities we serve, which is why we offer green asphalt recycling on all our pavement services, and its available year roud!

All About Asphalt Recycling

At Associated Paving Contractors Inc, we care about our local environment, so we offer asphalt recycling to make all our asphalt paving services as green as possible. Not only does asphalt recycling help the environment, but it provides clean, high-quality asphalt for other paving projects. Check out pictures of our asphalt recycling equipment and more about our process below!

Paving services that use recycled asphalt include:

  • New asphalt installation
  • Parking lot paving
  • Asphalt walkways
  • Asphalt milling
  • Asphalt resurfacing
  • Road construction

Although asphalt is black, we can apply a very green process!

Our pavement recycling process is also totally green, without using toxic additives or producing harmful emissions! Using an indirect heating process, we heat broken asphalt parts produced by milling or pavement removal, melting and refining them into brand-new hot-mix asphalt that is just as high quality as freshly manufactured pavement products.

Asphalt Recycling: The cost savings that recycled hot mix asphalt can provide

The Associated Paving Contractors” asphalt recycling process saves our customers money as well as saves the environment. With recycled asphalt, our customers save money on new pavement projects like asphalt parking lot paving, industrial paving, roadway paving, and more. We also save money on asphalt recycling, we can pass those savings on to our customers!

Why Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. is the expert in asphalt recycling in Philadelphia

For Recycled Hot Mix services in Philadelphia PA, Associated Paving Contractors is the commercial paving company to call! With our asphalt recycling program, we can use the waste from your asphalt resurfacing or pavement repair project in another project, saving all our clients money.

To find out if asphalt recycling is a good addition to your paving project, contact one of the asphalt experts at Associated Paving Contractors, Inc!

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