Parking Lot Repair

A damaged parking lot doesn’t send the best message about your business, but parking lot repair services can turn that unappealing pavement into a beautiful, safe, and durable asphalt parking lot that will last for years. To get long lasting and cost effective pavement repairs, you need the help of the most reputable local commercial paving contractors in Philadelphia and surrounding areas including the Delaware Valley, Lehigh Valley, and Southern NJ,

Associated Paving Contractors: Parking Lot Repair Experts in Philadelphia PA

We’re a family owned and operated paving business passed from father to sons in 1992, and we’ve only grown since then. For forty years, we’ve paved and repaired parking lots in Delaware Valley, Philadelphia PA, Bucks County, and Montgomery County.

Exceptional Parking Lot Repair Services

  • Crack Filling

    Cracks in your parking lot will only get worse if they’re not taken care of when they’re relatively minor. Our state of the art crack sealing process uses commercial grade asphalt emulsions injected into broken pavement to completely seal over the cracks, making your commercial pavement whole again.

  • Pothole Repairs

    Potholes can be a major liability for commercial property owners, causing accidents and even pedestrian injuries. That’s why you need professional pothole repairs. Our experienced and knowledgeable asphalt contractors have proven pothole repair processes that will clear up these hazards and leave your pavement smooth and unbroken.

  • Asphalt Milling

    Milling is the process of removing the existing top layer of asphalt pavement so that it can be correctly repaved to give the surface a specific profile. Our experienced commercial paving contractors use the recycled asphalt in the new asphalt surface. Benefits of asphalt milling include a brand new asphalt surface while also saving money, energy, and natural resources.

The APCON Pavement Repair Difference

We pride ourselves on our communication, consulting closely with property managers and business owners to find the most cost effective and efficient parking lot repair services to solve their pavement problems. Our dedication to our customers shows, as we work hard to minimize disruptions to the business.

Don’t wait to repair your asphalt parking lot! Contact Associated Paving Contractors, the most reputable commercial paving company in Philadelphia PA, right away!

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