Top Asphalt Contractor in Lower Merion PA

For many years Associated Paving Contractors Inc has proven itself as Lower Merion PA’s most credible and dependable paving experts for concrete and asphalt services for local businesses. We have been committed to quality workmanship in installation, repair, and maintenance of asphalt and concrete in Pennsylvania since 1981. Our time in the industry means we can tackle any paving job, big or small, with superior service and efficiency.

Asphalt Company in Lower Merion PA providing:

  • We have over 50 professional paving contractors combined with a large fleet of cutting-edge paving trucks and equipment, so we can ensure we meet our local clients’ needs including even the most involved paving projects.
  • Our business is run by brothers who were working in paving services for over 30 years when they took over for their father, and we can guarantee our customers will receive the loyal family service mentality.
  • We use our extensive knowledge of paving on behalf of our clients, always making sure to consult closely with property owners and management professionals to find the best cost effective services for them.

Enjoy Historic Lower Merion PA

A township in Montgomery County PA, Lower Merion had a population of 63,633 as of the 2020 Census. The name Merion originates with the county of Merioneth in north Wales, which is an English-langauge transcription of the Welsh word Meirionnydd. It was first settled in 1682 by Welsh Quakers, then established as an independent Township in 1713.

There’s a lot of history in Lower Merion Township to explore. The Weitzman National Museum of American Jewish History is one of the best non-profit museums on the topic of the history of the Jewish people in the United States. There is also a junk yard that hides the Simeone Foundation Automotive Museum in the midst of it, one of the best looks at the history of automobiles from a plain perspective. A number of farmers markets, arts festivals, and assorted fairs happen throughout the year here as well. No matter what your interest in, a piece of history can be found in Lower Merion Township.

Apartment Complex Parking Lot Sealcoating in Lower Merion PA

Business owners looking to improve their commercial property by restoring their parking lots need a local family paving company on their side. In Lower Merion PA, Associated Paving Contractors Inc services commercial parking lots with asphalt maintenance and repair services like sealcoating.

What is asphalt sealcoating?

A sealcoat is a very thin layer of asphalt emulsion without thick aggregates like gravel, making it a liquid product. Because it is essentially made of the same material as asphalt pavement itself, a sealant blends with the pavement surface, restoring vital oils and providing a protective layer that resists water and UV rays.

This parking lot maintenance service can be considered both repair and maintenance. Sealcoating repairs minor cracks and restores a worn pavement surface, making it a minor repair service. Also, parking lot sealcoating maintains asphalt by providing protection going forward. Busy parking lots need this service annually.

Why get parking lot sealcoating in Lower Merion PA?

The expert asphalt paving professionals at Associated Paving Contractors recently restored and protected a parking lot in an apartment complex in Lower Merion PA. Using high-quality asphalt products, we first power washed the parking lot, then performed minor crack filling, and finally laid down sealcoating using sprayers. This is a regular parking lot maintenance service we perform for this busy apartment complex to keep residents safe.

Want to keep your commercial parking lot or apartment complex asphalt in good condition? Contact Associated Paving Contractors Inc right away to get a parking lot inspection and find out if sealcoating is right for your property!

Why Repair Your Commercial Asphalt Quickly in Lower Merion PA

When you find out your commercial asphalt has a pothole or cracking, it can be tough to know what to do. But it’s important to get asphalt repaired in a timely manner so it doesn’t get worse. The best way to preserve your parking lot or other commercial pavement is to call the most experienced paving contractor in your area and get asphalt repair services.

Why You Shouldn’t Wait to Get Asphalt Repair Services

The most experienced commercial asphalt company in Lower Merion PA, Associated Paving Contractors Inc, has proven pavement repair techniques to address all types of asphalt damage as well as asphalt maintenance that prevents damage too. Let’s look at reasons to hop on parking lot repairs instead of waiting.

Timely Asphalt Repairs Save Money

Smaller asphalt repairs are simply cheaper than more involved pavement reconstruction, so getting you save money on future pavement repairs by getting things fixed quickly. For example, crack filling is cheaper than a full parking lot resurfacing.

Prevent Premature Asphalt Breakdown

Asphalt damage unfortunately gets worse over time, as cracks can go deeper into the pavement structure and affect the integrity of the asphalt. Surface deterioration can turn into potholes, so getting minor issues fixed early saves asphalt and extends the life of your pavement by years.

Keep Property Values Up

A nice, smooth, unbroken parking lot attracts customers and shows that you care about your business, so make sure you keep it in good repair to maintain your commercial property values.

Call Associated Paving Contractors as soon as you notice oil spots or cracks!

Since the 1980s, the paving professionals at APCON have been taking care of business owners in Pennsylvania townships like Lower Merion PA with the most cost effective and technologically advanced parking lot repair techniques. Whether you have cracks, potholes, faded parking lines, or any other kind of damage, our asphalt experts will work with you to find the right paving processes to fix it.

Ready to get your parking lot into good condition again? Contact Associated Paving Contractors Inc today!

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