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For over 30 years, Associated Paving Contractors Inc has been the full service paving company for Warrington PA and surrounding communities. We’re a family owned and operated paving business who treat our Pennsylvania clients like family too. We offer only the latest parking lot installation and concrete drainage services, using the most advanced paving equipment, by the most knowledgeable and courteous paving contractors around.

Best Paving Contractors in Warrington PA

  • Our paving contractors are focused on customer satisfaction, so we minimize business disruptions and help local property managers with alternate parking solutions so that every paving and repair job goes smoothly.
  • We understand that communication is key, so we stay in touch with our clients throughout the paving process.
  • As a family owned and operated business, we value integrity and workmanship, so we only employ dedicated, trained, and licensed paving professionals.

About Historic Warrington Township PA

Called the Gateway to Historic Bucks County, Warrington Pennsylvania is a bedroom community north of Philadelphia PA with a population of 23,418 as of the 2010 Census. Though it’s considered a suburb, Warrington has a history and culture all its own. The town as originally founded in 1734 and named after the town of the same name in England, and it was comprised of four villages: Neshaminy, Warrington, Tradesville, and Pleasantville, now all under the umbrella of the Township.

Though a suburb to a large urban area, Warrington Township has lots of greenspace for residents and visitors alike with both scenic municipal parks and state parks that celebrate the natural beauty of Pennsylvania. These parks include Lions Pride Park, that has swimming facilities and a water part, John Paul Park at Lower Nike, a place with water views and hiking, as well as the Bradford Reservoir. There’s also tours of sites like Copper Canyon as well as the New Hope Railroad, which celebrates the history of the railroad in the area. There’s a lot of fun to be had in the Philadelphia area for families and individuals who love nature and history.

Commercial Paving Near Warrington PA

When it comes to commercial paving in Philadelphia, Associated Paving Contractors Inc is the most reputable asphalt and concrete company. We’re trusted by retail businesses, industrial manufacturing companies, transportation companies, and municipalities like Warrington PA. Commercial paving services require contractors with experience who understand what businesses need from their concrete walkways and asphalt parking lots.

In Jamison PA, a community just east of Warrington PA, Associated Paving Contractors Inc recently completed a commercial paving project at the Middle Bucks Institute of Technology, a regional young adult and adult school focusing on technical training, career development, and pre-professional programs. The Institute After a consultation with a paving specialist from Associated Paving Contractors, MBIT facility managers decided they needed new concrete sidewalks and concrete aprons connecting walkways and buildings to their asphalt parking lots and other paved areas. These concrete walkways also needed to match the existing pavement on the site. The APCON paving contractors were up for the challenge.

Our highly-trained, professional commercial paving contractors got out to the site quickly to get to work. First, we prepared the site for paving, ensuring that the drainage was correct and the concrete would remain stable. Next, we installed concrete walkways with curved edges and other design elements that needed modern paving techniques. We also surfaced the concrete so that it had good traction.

The facility managers for the Warrington PA school loved their new concrete pavement. They were happy that their students would be able to safely navigate the campus on pavement that will last for years. For this level of commercial paving service, contact Associated Paving Contractors today!


When is Pavement to Old for an Overlay in Warrington PA?

Pennsylvania business owners can worry about the age of their commercial paving, like wondering if their parking lot is too old for an asphalt overlay. Only your local commercial paving company can help you decide what the best asphalt repair services are for your commercial pavement. In Warrington PA, Associated Paving Contractors Inc is the most trusted paving company in the area for commercial asphalt repair. Let’s look at some facts about asphalt overlay.

All About Asphalt Overlay in PA

What is the asphalt overlay process?
An overlay is when paving contractors lay another layer of asphalt over existing pavement. The area needs to be professionally cleaned and have any cracks or other minor problems repaired so they don’t show through the new layer.

What are the right conditions for an overlay?
Your asphalt pavement needs to be relatively stable and free of major structural problems like a damaged gravel base layer or large potholes.

When is pavement too old for an asphalt overlay?
While asphalt overlay is a great way to revitalize pavement that’s 10 years or younger, it has to be stable. If your asphalt is old enough to have been repaired over and over again or it’s suffered from major failure, it’s definitely too old for an overlay.

What are some alternative pavement repair services?
If your commercial asphalt is too old for an overlay, it needs structural repairs. This can take the form of asphalt patching, gravel base layer repair, asphalt milling and resurfacing, or full depth asphalt replacement.

Trust Associated Paving Contractors Inc for Asphalt Overlay in Warrington PA

If you want to revitalize your aging pavement in Pennsylvania, Associated Paving Contractors is the company to call! We are the trusted commercial asphalt repair company in communities like Warrington PA, and we’re happy to help restore your asphalt. Contact us today for a pavement inspection!


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