Best Commercial Paving Services in Philadelphia PA

Saving money on commercial paving services can be a hard thing for business owners and even property managers, especially if you don’t understand what asphalt paving services can do and what they might cost. In Philadelphia PA, Associated Paving Contractors Inc is the company that businesses rely on for their parking lot paving and concrete services.

Saving Money on Commercial Paving Services in Philadelphia PA

Don’t Neglect Pavement Maintenance

The best way to save money on commercial paving services is to make sure to get all recommended asphalt maintenance services. It’s much cheaper to say, sealcoat your parking lot to preserve the asphalt surface than it is to get asphalt milling and resurfacing services when cracks and other damage appears.

Understand Restorative Asphalt Repair Services

Though maintenance is cheaper, there are many cost-effective commercial asphalt repair services that can preserve pavement for years.

  • Crack Filling – This service fills in asphalt cracks with hot asphalt emulsions that seal them over and prevent further breakdown of the pavement.
  • Pothole Repairs – Potholes can create more damage to commercial asphalt, but professional pothole repairs from a reputable paving company can stop that damage in its tracks.
  • Asphalt Resurfacing – When there are multiple areas of damage or deep cracks, your parking lot can need resurfacing services, which involve first milling away damaged pavement before laying down fresh asphalt.

Contact Associated Paving Contractors: Top Commercial Paving Services in Philadelphia PA

For businesses in the greater Philadelphia metro area, Associated Paving Contractors Inc is the commercial paving company to call. Our family has over three generations and 50 years experience in the asphalt paving industry, so we can help business owners and property managers with cost effective, high ROI commercial paving services that will keep their parking lots, roadways, loading zones, and industrial asphalt pavement in good repair for decades.

To learn more, contact APCON commercial paving experts today!

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