Parking Lot Sealcoating

When your commercial pavement is starting to look a little gray and sad, parking lot sealcoating is the perfect paving service. In order to revitalize and preserve your pavement with the best quality products, you need to get the highest quality commercial paving contractors in your area.

Pennsylvania’s Best Parking Lot Sealcoating, Associated Paving Contractors

We have serious paving experience in the Delaware Valley, over forty years! So we understand what commercial property owners need from their pavement. Dedicated to keeping area pavement safe, we’ll work closely with property managers and business owners to find the most cost effective and quality parking lot maintenance services to restore and preserve your asphalt parking lot.

Parking Lot Sealcoating FAQ

  • What is Asphalt Sealcoating?

    A seal coat is a thin asphalt emulsion mixed with additives, polymers, and sometimes super fine aggregates that is sprayed or spread over the surface of asphalt pavement. Once it cures, it rejuvenates asphalt with chemicals that keep it flexible as well as provides a barrier against weather and tires.

  • Benefits of Parking Lot Sealcoating

    Over time, asphalt pavement deteriorates with the stress of tires, sun exposure, and water penetration all wearing away at the surface. Sealcoating stops this process in it’s tracks, providing a number of benefits:

    • Pavement Beautification – Sealcoating creates a smooth, dark surface that makes parking lot striping highly visible.
    • Slows Deterioration – By creating a waterproof nd UV resistant barrier, an asphalt seal coat slows oxidation, UV damage, and water penetration.
    • Easier Maintenance – This protective layer makes it easier to power wash, paint pavement symbols, and maintain your parking lot.
    • Cost Effective – Sealcoating provides a major return on investment by slowing pavement deterioration and holding off the need for more expensive repairs.
  • The Sealcoating Process

    • First, any underlying damage needs to be corrected with parking lot repair services like crack filling or pothole repairs. A reputable paving company can schedule a sealcoating for after these repairs have fully cured.
    • Proper asphalt sealcoating involves using either a sprayer or a squeegee to spread the product over the pavement surface. It needs at least 48 hours to cure so it can be used.
    • Your trusted local parking lot contractors can help with alternative parking arrangements or perform several mobilizations to minimize business interruptions.

Ready to preserve your parking lot? Contact Associated Paving Contractors for the most cost effective, efficient parking lot sealcoating services in Pennsylvania and surrounding areas including the Delaware Valley, Lehigh Valley, and Southern NJ

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