Catch Basin Repair

If you have standing water on your asphalt parking lot, water flowing over your roadway or walkway, or water damage to any pavement, you need to get catch basin repairs from your trusted local asphalt and concrete paving contractors.

Associated Paving Contractors: Catch Basin Repair Experts in Pennsylvania

In the greater Philadelphia and Southern NJ areas, Associated Paving Contractors is the trusted paving company in the area for both asphalt and concrete, and our extensive experience makes us uniquely suited to repair any kind of drainage system, including catch basins, storm drains, and more.

All About Catch Basin Repairs

  • How Drainage Systems Work

    Often called a storm sewer, drainage systems are made up of concrete channels, drains, and water collection containers that direct and collect the flow of water away from buildings and paved areas. A catch basin is a concrete or metal cylinder designed to collect water from storm drains.

  • Ways Catch Basins Can Fail

    Temperature changes and ice can cause concrete to crack, causing leaks. Leaks then cause erosion underneath the catch basin, so it can sink and cause pavement to collapse. Overflow can also weaken concrete in basins and drains. A failed drainage system can cause water damage to all the pavement nearby.

The Catch Basin Repair Process

  • First, professionals need to excavate and remove damaged pavement to expose the catch basin.
  • Next, concrete experts diagnose where the drainage has failed and recommend repairs.
  • A part of the basin can be repaired with new concrete, or the entire area can be excavated and a new catch basin sunk. Pipes then need to be connected, and the area around the basin repaved.
  • It’s very important to contract with an experienced paving company for catch basin repairs!

Don’t let broken drainage system ruin your commercial pavement in and around Philadelphia PA! Contact Associated Paving Contractors for exceptional storm drain and catch basin repairs!

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