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Since 1981, Associated Paving Contractors Inc has been Bensalem PA’s best asphalt paving contractor. We’re a family owned and operated paving business with over 50 years combined experience with commercial paving services, installing parking lots and commercial asphalt throughout the Pittsburgh area. Through dedicating ourselves to local customers, we’ve maintained high approval ratings and trust from our clients.

Best Paving Services in Bensalem PA

  • APCON has been family owned for years; two brothers bought the business from their dad, who’d been providing top notch paving services to the Philadelphia PA area since 1970.
  • Today we serve the entire Delaware Valley area with several paving crews made up of fully trained and licensed paving contractors as well as a fleet of paving equipment and trucks.
  • We’re a full service paving company, which means we can take care of your paving project from grading and excavating all the way to asphalt sealcoating or parking lot striping.

Enjoy Historic Bensalem PA

A township in Bucks County PA, Bensalem is a combination of several smaller unincorporated municipalities including Bensalem, but also Andalusia, Bridgewater, Cornwells Heights, Eddington, Flushing, Oakford, Siles, Trappe, and Trevose. The total population of the township as of the 2020 US Census was 62,707, making it the most populous town in Bucks County. It’s also one of the oldest communities in Pennsylvania, founded in 1692, a decade after the colony itself. The mainly Dutch and Swedish settlement was founded between Poquessing Creek and Neshaminy Creek. Modern Bensalem is a suburb of Philadelphia PA.

When visiting the Philadelphia area, there is a lot to enjoy in Bensalem, starting with the Parx Casino and Racing facility, built in the mid 1970s, which has a horseracing track, as well as dining, gaming, and live entertainment events. There is also a modern shopping center, the Neshaminy Mall, with all the most popular retail outlets and eateries. Visitors who enjoy nature and the great outdoors will have a great time at nearby Neshaminy State Park, and the Bensalem Township Community Park is a great place for sports or picnicking. With all these amenities, there’s a lot to enjoy in Bensalem PA.

Pavement Repair Options in Bensalem PA

Before a customer pops a tire on a pothole or trips on cracked concrete, commercial property owners need to think about their pavement repair options. It’s important to have an idea of what kinds of asphalt repair services are available, what they do, and how they can preserve your parking lot. The best way to learn is by consulting with the most reputable paving company in your area.

In Bensalem PA, Associated Paving Contractors Inc is the paving company with decades of experience installing and repairing parking lots, sidewalks, catch basins, and all kinds of commercial pavement. We’ll talk you through your asphalt pavement repair options and help you fix your parking lot without blowing your budget.

The best way for business owners to understand their repair options is to look at the kind of pavement issue they have.

Pavement Crack and Pothole Repair

  • Crack repair services use special asphalt emulsions and special heated equipment to seal up shallow cracks.
  • Pothole repair is a little more complicated, involving cutting away and replacing the damaged asphalt with new in a process called asphalt patching.

Asphalt Resurfacing

  • Pouring a new layer of asphalt over existing pavement in a process called asphalt overlay is a way to revitalize aging pavement that’s in relatively good condition.
  • If there are surface cracks or other damage, asphalt milling and resurfacing is recommended because it removes the top layer of pavement before replacing it.

Parking Problems

  • Faded parking lines are dangerous, and parking lot repairs like line striping can keep them bright and visible.
  • ADA compliance services make sure your parking lot meets all national standards and municipal codes.

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