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School Parking Lot Paving in Philadelphia PA

When Germantown Friends School in Philadelphia, PA, embarked on renovating its grounds, the facility manager knew the safety and functionality of its parking lot were the most important. With the daily hustle of drop-offs, pickups, and pedestrian traffic, only a top-notch asphalt installation would do. This is where Associated Paving Contractors Inc. (APCON), a leading commercial paving contractor based in Warminster in the Philadelphia area, stepped in, ready to transform the school’s pavement into a safe and efficient space.

APCON: Your Solution for High-Quality Parking Lot Paving

APCON’s expertise in parking lot paving was exactly what Germantown Friends School needed. From the initial consultation to the final line striping, our team of experienced professionals demonstrated why they are the go-to for commercial asphalt in Philadelphia and beyond.

The project began with a detailed assessment of the site, where APCON identified the specific needs of the school’s parking lot. Understanding the importance of safety for children, staff, and parents alike, the team devised a comprehensive plan for a durable and resilient asphalt installation that would meet the high-traffic demands of the school environment.

Our Process: Transforming the School’s Parking Lot

APCON’s process for paving the parking lot was meticulous and thorough, ensuring an aesthetically pleasing and functional result. The team started with ground preparation, grading the site to ensure proper drainage and laying a solid foundation for the asphalt. This step is crucial to prevent water accumulation and prolong the life of the pavement.

Next came the asphalt installation, where high-quality materials were laid down to create a smooth and durable surface. The APCON team used state-of-the-art equipment to ensure an even and compact asphalt layer, essential for withstanding vehicular and pedestrian traffic’s daily wear and tear.

Finally, APCON provided line striping services, carefully marking parking spaces, and drop-off zones, and pedestrian pathways. This enhanced the property’s safety and navigability and contributed to the overall visual appeal of the school’s renovated facilities.

For Germantown Friends School, the new parking lot paved by Associated Paving Contractors Inc. meant more than improving their property’s appearance. It represented a safer environment for everyone who steps onto the school grounds, a durable solution capable of withstanding the rigors of daily use, and an investment in the school’s future.

Ready for a Transformation of YOUR Pennsylvania Property?

If you’re a local property owner in Philadelphia looking for reliable parking lot paving services, look no further than Associated Paving Contractors Inc. With a track record of excellence and a commitment to customer satisfaction, APCON is ready to tackle your project next.

Contact us to schedule your consultation! Enhance your property’s safety, functionality, and appearance with APCON’s expert parking lot paving services.

Convenience Store Parking Lot Repair in Hatboro PA

Associated Paving Contractors Inc. (APCON) has been the leading commercial paving company in Hatboro, PA, and all over Montgomery County since 1970. That’s why local businesses know they can trust us when they find potholes or cracks in their pavement. As a family-owned business, APCON has built a reputation for excellence in the greater Philadelphia area, with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and efficient communication. This reputation landed us a recent parking lot repair project.

Hatboro, PA Commercial Property Owner Turns to APCON for Cost-Effective Parking Lot Repair

parking lot repairWhen a commercial property owner in Hatboro, PA, noticed significant issues plaguing their parking lot, they contacted APCON for expert assistance. The asphalt was riddled with big potholes, broken pavement, cracks, flaking, and uneven surfaces, posing safety hazards and detracting from the appeal of their store. They weren’t sure if repairs would work or if they had to demolish and repave their property completely. Luckily, our skilled asphalt contractors have the latest techniques to correct problems like potholes and even prevent them with services like sealcoating.

APCON’s comprehensive parking lot repair service began with a thorough site assessment. The team identified and addressed the various damaged areas with a multi-step approach. First, potholes were repaired using professional patching techniques to restore the pavement’s integrity. Next, crack filling was performed to create a smooth and even surface, preventing further deterioration. Sealcoating was applied to protect the crack repairs and extend the pavement lifespan. Additionally, APCON completed line striping, installed parking signage, and added ADA pavement markings to ensure compliance with accessibility regulations and enhance safety.

parking lot repair

This Hatboro commercial property owner was smart to call their local asphalt paving contractor when they did. Property owners must recognize signs that their parking lot requires repair or maintenance. Common indicators include cracking and ponding, loss of original color, collapse or warping, and the formation of potholes. Regular maintenance, such as crack sealing and sealcoating, can help preserve the asphalt’s integrity and appearance, saving property owners time and money in the long run.

Want to Improve Your PA Business? Contact APCON for Expert Parking Lot Repair Services!

Don’t let pavement problems compromise the safety and appeal of your commercial property. Trust APCON for efficient and reliable parking lot repair solutions tailored to your needs. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and experience the APCON difference in commercial paving and maintenance.

Associated Paving’s Seamless Parking Lot Repair in Marlton, NJ

Associated Paving Contractors Inc., a family-owned asphalt business since 1992, has taken pride in delivering top-notch commercial paving services in Marlton, NJ, and surrounding areas. Recently, we addressed the deteriorated asphalt, potholes, and cracks plaguing a commercial parking lot for a furniture and mattress retailer in Marlton.

Addressing Potholes in Marlton, NJ: A Case Study in Asphalt Patching

The client faced a significant challenge with an area of their parking lot in disrepair. Our thorough inspection revealed damage to the base layer, requiring immediate attention. The service process involved precise asphalt patching to fix potholes. This included cutting away damaged asphalt, repairing the base layer, applying new hot mix asphalt, and smoothing for a seamless, durable repair.

Why Use Asphalt Patching for Parking Lot Repair?

Asphalt patching is crucial for pothole repair as it addresses the underlying issues, ensuring a lasting solution. It involves not just superficial fixes but a comprehensive process that restores the integrity of the pavement, preventing future damage.

This parking lot repair project showed our commitment to quality and efficiency. The furniture and mattress retailer client expressed their satisfaction, stating, “Thoroughly impressed with the work that Associated Paving completed for us!” This echoes our dedication to customer-oriented service and effective communication.

Marlton parking lot repair

Serving Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Lehigh County, and Camden County, NJ, since 1970, APCON is a full-service commercial paving and industrial site contractor. Our family-owned legacy, dating back to 1992, speaks to our longevity and commitment to excellence. We prioritize communication, minimizing disruptions to businesses, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Elevate Your Property with APCON!
If your commercial property in Marlton, NJ, or nearby areas faces parking lot issues, consider Associated Paving for seamless parking lot repair solutions. Our team gets it done efficiently and right, with minimal disruptions to your operations.

Make your property manager’s job easier – contact us today for tailored consultations and experience the APCON difference. 

Enhancing Safety and Security: A Successful Bollard Installation Philadelphia PA

In the realm of infrastructure and safety, Associated Paving Contractors has once again proven its prowess by successfully completing a project called, “Enhancing Safety and Security: A Successful Bollard Installation Philadelphia PA.” This specific project was located at the Young Scholars Charter School in Philadelphia, PA. The swift and efficient completion of this project in just two days showcases the company’s commitment to excellence and dedication to creating secure environments for educational institutions.

Young Scholars Charter School, like many educational institutions, identified the need to enhance the safety and security of its premises. In collaboration with Associated Paving Contractors, a leading expert in paving and safety solutions, the school embarked on a crucial Bollard Installation Project. Bollards, sturdy and resilient vertical posts, were strategically placed around the school premises to create protective barriers against potential vehicular threats, ensuring the safety of students, staff, and visitors.

The skilled team’s remarkable ability to streamline the construction process ensured that the Bollard Installation Project was completed within an astonishingly short timeframe of just two days. This efficiency can be attributed to the company’s experienced and skilled workforce, meticulous project planning, and utilization of advanced equipment and technologies. The minimal disruption to the school’s daily operations during the installation process reflects the company’s commitment to client satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Safety as a Top Priority!

The installation of bollards serves as a proactive measure to prevent potential vehicular accidents or intentional threats on school grounds. By acting as protective barriers, these bollards enhance the safety and security of the school environment, providing peace of mind to both the school administration and parents. Associated Paving Contractor’s commitment to prioritizing safety aligns with the mission of educational institutions to create a secure learning environment for students.

The installation of bollards not only enhances the safety and security of Young Scholars Charter School but also contributes to the overall well-being of the community. Associated Paving’s role in this project exemplifies its dedication to creating safe and resilient environments for educational institutions and the communities they serve.

Parking Lot Sealcoating Success in Montgomeryville, PA

In the heart of Montgomeryville, Pennsylvania, parking lot sealcoating and other commercial asphalt services are entrusted to Associated Paving Contractors Inc. At APCON, we take pride in our dedication to providing top-tier asphalt sealcoating services. As a long-time partner with local property owners, we are committed to the well-being of our community and health of its commercial pavement.

One of our valued clients in Montgomeryville faced a common issue with their commercial property—a grayed asphalt surface with early signs of wear and tear. Over time, the parking lot had developed minor cracks, diminishing the overall aesthetic and durability of their driveway and parking area.

Our skilled team immediately addressed the problem with a straightforward and effective solution—sealcoating. This pavement maintenance service not only addressed the minor cracks but also restored the parking lot’s dark, rich appearance. The benefits of seal coating extend beyond aesthetics, as it acts as a protective shield against future harm, ensuring the longevity of the pavement.

Parking Lot Sealcoating Services Protect Your Investment in Your Commercial Property!

The results were met with enthusiasm as our client praised the remarkable transformation of their parking lot. Sealcoating had created a sleek, dark black look for their parking area that they loved. At Associated Paving Contractors Inc., a trusted family business since 1982, we are committed to enhancing the beauty and longevity of local commercial properties, ensuring they remain functional and visually appealing.

If you are experiencing similar issues with your asphalt surfaces, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’re here to provide you with the best solutions for your parking lot sealcoating needs in Montgomeryville, PA.

Successful Parking Lot Paving Project in Philadelphia, PA

Associated Paving Contractors Inc., Philadelphia, PA’s premier asphalt company, is your trusted source for top-quality parking lot paving and restoration services. Our decades of experience have taught us the significance of maintaining commercial asphalt in prime condition.

A returning customer reached out to us, recognizing our status as an industry leader, and sought our expertise in reviving their parking lot. They made the right choice, and we were eager to enhance both the functionality and visual appeal of their parking facility. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction guided us throughout the project.

Our skilled representative promptly inspected the commercial property, offering a thorough and accurate quote for the paving project. The pavement exhibited an array of issues, including troublesome potholes, cracks, surface damage, and an uneven top layer. We tailored our solution to their specific needs, quoting them for services such as crack sealing, selective patching to restore the asphalt, and restriping for improved traffic control and ADA compliance.

During this parking lot paving project, we executed the services swiftly and efficiently, ensuring a quick turnaround. Our experienced team addressed the damaged areas, carefully matching the new asphalt to the existing surface, guaranteeing a seamless result. We also integrated the property’s existing drainage system to ensure proper water flow and keep the new pavement looking good for longer.

Our dedication to providing top-quality paving services in Philadelphia, PA, has been recognized by our clients. They were delighted with the final results and commended our professionalism throughout the project. At Associated Paving Contractors Inc., we’re the trusted choice for your parking lot restoration needs.

If your commercial property requires similar services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re here to provide you with the best paving solutions!

Proper Asphalt Paving Malvern PA

As Pennsylvania’s most trusted asphalt contractors, Associated Paving Contractors Inc, recently completed a successful project, “Proper Asphalt Paving Malvern PA.”  When it comes to long-lasting asphalt pavement, soil stabilization is vital.  We understand this at Associated Paving Contractors Inc.  Because of our highly reputable standing within our community, a PA property owner recently contacted us about installing asphalt pavement. Our company’s asphalt expert arrived quickly to inspect the property.  As it turned out, the customer’s property contained a stream.  As a result, the bank needed serious site preparation before work could begin.  Luckily, the Associated Paving Contractors crew is experienced in soil stabilization and asphalt installation.

Soil stabilization is a crucial step in preparing a base for asphalt paving. The soil may shift under the pavement without proper stabilization, leading to cracking, potholes, and other pavement defects. Stabilizing the soil involves adding lime, cement, or asphalt to improve its strength, durability, and resistance to water and erosion. This process helps create a solid and sturdy base that can support the weight of the asphalt pavement and prevent the development of pavement distress. Overall, soil stabilization is essential for ensuring the longevity and safety of asphalt pavements.

During this Malvern, PA asphalt paving project, we performed soil stabilization services by installing large rocks along a stream bank to support the soil at the top of the bank. With reinforcing rock, we were able to begin the asphalt paving process. First, we compacted the earth above the stabilized area and then installed, graded, and compacted a gravel aggregate layer. Finally, we applied a thick layer of asphalt pavement to finish the installation.

The customer loved their new pavement and felt secure that it would last for decades. If you need asphalt paving in PA, Associated Paving Contractors Inc is the one to call!

Available All Winter: Asphalt Repair Philadelphia PA

You may have heard of asphalt contractors that can’t provide hot mix asphalt or asphalt repair in winter, but that’s simply not the case. In Philadelphia PA, Associated Paving Contractors, Inc just completed project: “Available All Winter: Asphalt Repair Philadelphia PA.”  We are the paving company trusted by property owners to install asphalt parking lots and repair commercial pavement all year long. With decades of experience in the paving industry, we are well-versed in the latest asphalt paving technologies that allow us to provide hot mix asphalt in Philadelphia all winter long.

Need asphalt paving during a cold Pennsylvania winter? Recycled Hot Mix Asphalt from Associated Paving Contractors is the answer!

We have specialized paving equipment that can make hot mix asphalt for permanent pavement repairs all winter long using a special asphalt recycling process. Our cost-effective, environmentally-friendly asphalt recycling equipment produces high-quality hot-mix asphalt that’s over 300 degrees and ready for use in all kinds of paving projects. Not only does our asphalt recycling provide new hot mix asphalt, it’s great for the environment!

For hot-mix asphalt all year round in Philadelphia PA, Associated Paving Contractors is the paving company to call!

While it’s important to create a commercial pavement maintenance plan for the year, property managers or owners needing asphalt services in the winter can trust Associated Paving Contractors to meet their needs with high quality recycled hot mix asphalt.

Contact us at any time of the year to learn about our cost-effective, environmentally-friendly asphalt paving solutions from Associated Paving Contractors!

Parking Lot Line Striping and ADA Compliance Project in PA

When it comes to asphalt parking lots, property owners not only need to worry about keeping their asphalt pavement in good condition but also ADA compliant. The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that citizens of all levels of mobility can access public buildings. The way to get your parking lot up to code with the ADA is to contact your trusted local paving company because they have the right equipment for line striping.

To help a local business with their old parking lot in Scranton PA, Associated Paving Contractors performed parking lot line striping. Our ADA compliance services are second to none, ensuring that your asphalt parking lot is safe for all drivers. For the Scranton PA parking lot project, the experienced APCON crew put together several different parking lots paving services. First, we performed asphalt repair services to fill cracks and fix potholes. Next, we applied asphalt sealcoating to seal in the repairs and create a protective layer to slow down pavement deterioration.

Finally, we performed parking lot line striping services. Using technologically advanced pavement marking equipment, we applied quality traffic paint to the prepared asphalt surface. Not only did we create parking spaces, but we also applied loading zone stripes and handicapped parking symbols. These pavement markings make the parking lot ADA-compliant, ensuring that parking is accessible to all and that the property owner is free from liability.

If you need to bring your asphalt parking lot back to good condition or are curious if your parking is ADA-compliant, contact Associated Paving Contractors today.

Friday DIY Day

Creativity can be found everywhere… even in solid concrete.

For those of you who like to perform do-it-yourself projects at home, check out this interesting article on how to “Jazz up that Plain Old Concrete,” (UPDATE: our apologies… this link has been deactivated because the site it linked to seemeed to be having problems) which includes great tips on transforming some run-of-the-mill concrete into something a little more eye catching.  The article also includes a variety of other handy tips for around the house.

Do you have any cool DIY tips?  We’d love to hear them, feel free to share!

From all of us here at APCON, have a great Friday and enjoy your weekend.

PS– Got a concrete project in mind?  Contact APCON at 215-672-8000 or email us and we would be happy to talk to you about it.

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