Most Trusted Paving Company in Lansdale PA

Since 1981, Associated Paving Contractors Inc been paving parking lots, roadways, and more all over the Lansdale Pennsylvania area. We use only the highest quality, commercial-grade asphalt and concrete, and we use technologically advanced paving equipment, performing all work to the highest standards of workmanship in parking lot paving.

Best Asphalt Contractor in Lansdale PA

  • Since the beginning, APCON has been family owned and operated, with two brothers taking over for their father in 1981 and purchasing the company from him in 1992.
  • Over the years, we have expanded our paving operations to include state of the art paving equipment and multiple crews of dedicated asphalt paving and concrete contractors.
  • APCON is the most trusted paving contractor for new construction because we can complete every step of a parking lot paving job from excavation to line striping, and we can keep pavement in good repair with parking lot repair services.

All About Lansdale PA

Lansdale is a densely populated suburb of Philadelphia, just a few miles northwest of the city in Montgomery County in North Penn Valley. The town has grown exponentially over the 20th century, going from 2,754 in 1900 to a population of 16,269 as of the 2010 US Census. Officially incorporated as a borough in 1872, Lansdale Pennsylvania was first settled, as far as we know, by the Jenkins family and originally grew up around their homestead. After the installation of the North Pennsylvania Railroad (later known as the Reading Railroad) in the 1850s, the town entered a period of growth that never really stopped.

The town of Lansdale has a lot to offer both locals and visitors when it comes to fun things to do, including many walking trails, historic sites, and local restaurants offering local wine and brews. Historic farms include Morgan Log House, the Peter Wentz Farmstead, and the Lansdale Historical Society housed in a historic building. There are also lots of beautiful municipal parks to enjoy like Whites Road Park and Stony Creek Park that provide important greenspace to residents.

Budgeting for Pavement Maintenance in Lansdale PA

To keep pavement maintenance costs low, property managers and business owners need to understand what services they might need and work with a trusted paving company. In Lansdale PA, Associated Paving Contractors Inc is the trusted paving company for parking lot installation, repairs, and maintenance. Let us help you figure out how to keep pavement maintenance in mind when making your budget.

How to Budget for Pavement Maintenance

To know how much you’ll need to keep aside in your budget for pavement maintenance, you need to understand what kind of paving services will best benefit your commercial pavement.

  • Perform visual inspections of your parking lot. – To know what your pavement might need in terms of maintenance, it’s important to know what sort of damage your parking lot might have.
  • Pay attention to the color of your asphalt. – Asphalt pavement should have a dark black color and be waterproof. If it’s gray, flaking, or has visible cracks, maintenance services like sealcoating are a must.
  • Don’t ignore your parking lot line striping. – An important indicator of the health of your parking lot is how bright your traffic symbols and parking lines are. Faded parking lines can lead to lots of trouble, up to and including traffic accidents. Then it’s time for parking lot striping services.
  • Estimate your costs. – A ballpark figure for pavement services includes the square footage, the length and width of any cracks, the age of the pavement, and how much traffic your parking lot gets. Of course an estimate from a professional paving contractor is best.

Trust Associated Paving Contractors for Cost Effective Pavement Maintenance in Lansdale PA

Do you want to keep your parking lot or walkways on your commercial property looking good without spending a ton of money? Contact Associated Paving Contractors for a pavement inspection and consultation about our pavement maintenance services.


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