Best Paving Company in Camden County NJ

In communities in and around Camden County NJ, Associated Paving Contractors Inc has established itself as the most reliable paving company for parking lots, roadways, and all kinds of commercial pavement. We offer innovative paving solutions like asphalt milling and state of the art concrete services to install and maintain pavement for schools, businesses, and municipalities in greater Philadelphia area.

Best Commercial Paving in Camden County NJ

  • We can install a commercial parking lot from the ground up with solid asphalt paving as well as all the details like line striping, parking signs, and concrete curbing.
  • With over 50 years experience in asphalt paving and a large fleet of state of the art paving equipment, we’re ready to tackle any asphalt project!
  • Our paving contractors are always innovating, using advanced paving techniques like street print technology and green initiatives like asphalt recycling.

Camden County NJ

A county in the state of New Jersey, Camden County had a population of 523,485 as of the 2020 Census, and it contains the southern portion of the Philadelphia Pennsylvania Metro Area. It was named for Charles Pratt, 1st Earl Camden, a British judge who defended the American cause. It is part of the South Jersey region and very close to the highways that are the lifeblood of New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The northern border of the county is the Delaware River.

Camden NJ

A city in and the county seat of Camden County NJ, Camden is part of the Delaware Valley metropolitan area and is right across the Delaware River from Philadelphia. It has a beautiful waterfront featuring the USS New Jersey, the Freedom Mortgage Pavilion, and the Adventure Aquarium, three sites that locals are proud of and attract tourists from all over. As of 2020, the city had a population of 71,791.

Collingswood NJ

A borough in Camden County NJ, Collingswood is located 5 miles east of Center City Philadelphia, making it an edge city. The borough’s population was 13,926 as of the 2010 Census. Initially founded as a dry town where alcohol could not be sold, craft breweries are permitted to operate today. Today it is regarded as a place of diverse cuisines, featuring one of the 10 Great Streets of 2009. Two theatre companies, multiple art galleries, and local orchestras are just a small piece of the artistry here.

Cherry Hill NJ

A township in Camden County NJ, Cherry Hill had a population of 74,553 as of the 2020 Census. It is an integral part of the Delaware Valley metropolitan statistical area, originally settled by the Lenni-Lanape Native Americans before being displaced by Quaker followers of William Penn. It was originally a small cluster of homes named Colestown. Today, Cherry Hill is a prosperous corporate and employment hub, famous for Cherry Hill Mall, the first enclosed shopping mall in the eastern United States back in 1961. Hoagies and cheesesteaks are famous local fare.

Other townships that contribute to the culture and economy of Camden County New Jersey include Voorhees Township NJ, Gloucester Township NJ, Winslow Township NJ, Pennsauken Township NJ, and Lindenwold NJ.

Commercial Paving & Parking Lot Repairs for Business Owners

Business owners who find themselves needing parking lot repair services or commercial paving for the first time can be worried about how much things will cost or which asphalt services will best help their property. Luckily for commercial paving services in Camden County NJ, Associated Paving Contractors Inc is the go-to paving company who can answer all these questions.

FAQs About Commercial Paving & Repairs

What goes into parking lot paving?

Paving an asphalt parking lot on a commercial property consists of several steps:

  1. Preparing the site for paving with grading and excavation services
  2. Installing a stable gravel base layer
  3. Asphalt paving in several layers
  4. Line striping to apply parking spaces and traffic symbols
  5. Installation of concrete curbing, ramps, or other concrete structures
  6. Signage and other finishing projects

What commercial asphalt repairs should I get first?

Parking lots and asphalt roads can suffer from different kinds of damage, some of which is cheaper to repair than others. Minor damage can also get worse, so it’s best to tackle it first. Crack filling is a great repair service to get first to keep potholes from forming. Concrete drainage repair can also prevent asphalt deterioration.

Are there pavement maintenance services that preserve asphalt?

In addition to yearly pavement sweeping to remove debris and vehicle oils, getting asphalt sealcoating every couple years at least will protect your commercial pavement from cracks and other deterioration.

Who do I call for quality commercial paving & repairs in Camden County NJ? Associated Paving Contractors Inc!

Remember, your commercial asphalt shows potential customers how you feel about your business! To keep it looking good for decades, you need quality commercial paving services from your trusted local paving company: Associated Paving Contractors Inc.

Ready to restore and preserve your commercial asphalt? Call us today for a consultation and pavement inspection!

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