Apartment Complex Parking Lot Sealcoating in Lower Merion PA

Business owners looking to improve their commercial property by restoring their parking lots need a local family paving company on their side. In Lower Merion PA, Associated Paving Contractors Inc services commercial parking lots with asphalt maintenance and repair services like sealcoating.

What is asphalt sealcoating?

A sealcoat is a very thin layer of asphalt emulsion without thick aggregates like gravel, making it a liquid product. Because it is essentially made of the same material as asphalt pavement itself, a sealant blends with the pavement surface, restoring vital oils and providing a protective layer that resists water and UV rays.

This parking lot maintenance service can be considered both repair and maintenance. Sealcoating repairs minor cracks and restores a worn pavement surface, making it a minor repair service. Also, parking lot sealcoating maintains asphalt by providing protection going forward. Busy parking lots need this service annually.

Why get parking lot sealcoating in Lower Merion PA?

The expert asphalt paving professionals at Associated Paving Contractors recently restored and protected a parking lot in an apartment complex in Lower Merion PA. Using high-quality asphalt products, we first power washed the parking lot, then performed minor crack filling, and finally laid down sealcoating using sprayers. This is a regular parking lot maintenance service we perform for this busy apartment complex to keep residents safe.

Want to keep your commercial parking lot or apartment complex asphalt in good condition? Contact Associated Paving Contractors Inc right away to get a parking lot inspection and find out if sealcoating is right for your property!

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