Green Initiatives

Here at APCON, we follow Green Initiatives to help preserve the environment, all while producing top-quality pavement work. With the help of new eco-friendly innovations, we lead the way in the Philadelphia area paving industry. Our Green Initiatives include:

  • Recycling asphalt and concrete to save resources and minimize unnecessary dumping in landfills
  • Running our own crushing and screening operation
  • Reusing motor oil to heat our Warminster headquarters during the winter months
  • Using porous pavement, where applicable, to improve storm water runoff and help filter water as it drains
  • Replanting arborvitae trees, which were moved from a local job site to our equipment lot, to provide a fresh look as well as shade and privacy
  • Manufacturing cold mix asphalt base course in a partnership, saving significant natural resources, landfill space and fuels

To learn more about our Green Initiatives, contact us today.

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