Paving Projects We Can Handle Before and During the Winter Season

The summer is wet and the winters are cold around here in Pennsylvania. All of this wonderful weather means that your pavement will get a beating, whether you own a commercial, industrial or residential property. There’s no way to stop the course of nature. There are, however, ways to repair the damage and bolster the paving so that it lasts longer the next time.

Get sealcoating work for all of your macadam. As the rainy and cold weather persist, you’ll want any and all waterproofing you can get. It’ll pay off in the long run—as the season’s progress, frost will start to eke its way into the mornings. This ice will slowly permeate any cracks or holes in your pavement and cause them to expand. Good sealcoating will create a strong waterproof layer of special tar at the top of your pavement so you can assure a clean, smooth path all throughout the winter.

Ask us today. Our “superdry” waterproofing is some of the most reliable sealing and waterproofing there is in the region. We swear our name by it.

Fix potholes now! The winter will make them worse, we promise. As erosion occurs under pavement, the small rocks and asphalt that it is constructed from will wear and wash away. The top layer eventually cracks under pressure and collapses, creating lovely potholes that are just waiting to welcome your car’s tires with open arms this winter. Potholes start as an inconvenience and soon become a grand catastrophe. Do you have a lot of pavement on your residential property? Do you own a commercial or industrial property with parking lots and side roads? You want to get these potholes taken care of. It’ll improve curb appeal drastically and also make drivers around your property feel safer. Nobody wants to come back to anywhere where they got a flat right outside the building.

We might have a rough winter, but we’ll clear your snow! Snow removal services are just one of the many services we offer our clientele all throughout Bucks County, PA, and surrounding regions including, of course, Philadelphia. Not only will we remove snow from your property, regardless of the size overall, we pledge that we won’t damage your stuff and we’ll always leave the place looking better than when we arrived.

Worried about how your current system will handle the winter season? We will visit your property and perform a full site assessment and evaluation, in order to provide you with some suggestions for remedial design and engineering of your property. We want to make it our goal to keep our clientele’s properties crack, dent and pothole free.

If getting other people to do things isn’t your style, we do offer equipment rental. Contact us today to learn more about the equipment we’ll rent you so that you can do your own thing. We provide the opportunity for DIY fanatics to do their thing on their properties, if that’s what they want. Our motto is “Safer, Faster, Better.” Call us today to learn more about any of our outstanding services at 215.672.8000.

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