Services of Ours to Consider During the Winter

Consider the different dangers presented to your pavement during the winter season. If you’re a PA resident, we know you didn’t miss all of the potholes, cracks and other varied damages to the pavement; potholes in Pennsylvania almost achieved national fame in 2014! We want to help you stay away from achieving infamy for your hazardous pavement by helping you to leave a lasting impression on your visitors, clientele, and occupants that make them want to come back. If people have to trudge through potholes, mud, puddles, ice and dirt to get to your property, that’s going to leave a lasting impression too—one you don’t want.

So how can we help? There are a lot of potential ways we can serve you and make your property better for the winter season, so you can stand out in a good way during the colder, darker months.

Snow Removal Services – We have some seriously unpredictable winters in these areas. Whether you’re preparing for a Nor’Easter or a chilling sub-zero polar vortex, prepare yourself for the challenge of braving a Pennsylvania/New Jersey winter. Don’t let unexpected snow put a huge wrench in your business. We can be at your property in a timely manner, which is important for owners of commercial properties, or elderly residential property owners who can’t handle the extreme task of heavy snow removal. Not only will we remove the snow, we’ll make sure to help you control the ice that builds up after the fact. If you want snow cleared before your business is open, look no further than us—our snow removal services are renowned throughout Philadelphia regions. We’ve got you covered as much as the snow does.

Winter Sealcoating – A lot of the damage incurred to pavement during the winter months is from water trickling to the inner workings of it, and then expanding as it freezes, increasing pressure and promoting cracks and other damage. We provide sealcoating services so that your pavement will be as waterproofed as possible. You won’t regret it at the end of the season, because if you don’t look for good sealcoating, you’ll be looking for these other awesome services:

Pothole and Crack Repair, Including Sealing and Filling. As water flows throughout unsealed and poorly guarded pavement, the water that runs under it removes valuable sediment and asphalt. Water and ice then wash away your pavement, resulting in cracks and potholes— some pavement even becomes completely reduced to rubble over time from the power of water and ice.

If you’ve already enjoyed our residential or commercial asphalt contracting services throughout Philadelphia, you should seriously think about these specialty services that we offer throughout the winter. Contact us when you need to, and we’ll work out a plan for snow removal and preparing your property for winter. We want to keep your pavement smooth year-round.

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