Serving Up a New Parking Lot at Tj Smith’s

This past spring, Associated Paving Contractors served up a new parking lot for a popular local restaurant.  And the results were… dare we say… tasty?

Tj Smith’s, located at 1585 Easton Rd. in Warrington, is a bustling dining establishment which has seen its business expand over the past few years, to the point that it was growing out of its old parking lot.  The original lot featured approximately 60 spaces, but on a busy weekend night diners would have to get creative in finding a spot since the restaurant got so busy (a good problem to have!).

To alleviate this challenge, Tj Smith’s hired APCON to cook up a “menu” of projects in order to expand their parking, including:

  • Appetizer:  Remove a border of tall privacy trees that separated one side of the lot from a patch of grass adjacent to it
  • Main Course:  Add in a new parking lot with 24 additional parking spots where the former patch of grass sat
  • Dessert:  Connect the two lots with a StreetPrint walkway to add a touch of class between the two lots

The job has since been completed and the results have been positive, as customers and employees have a safe place to park and the site is very attractive.

Please take a look at our slideshow below, featuring a few pics from before, during, and after the work was performed.  (Click on the thumbnails for larger images.)

If you’re in the Warrington area, be sure to check out the new parking lot at Tj Smith’s… and of course stop in for a bite to eat… you won’t leave hungry!

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