3 Valuable Solutions Offered by Associated Paving Contractors

With 40 years experience, Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. (aka APCON) possesses the experience and expertise to handle commercial asphalt repairs across Philadelphia, Bucks, Delaware, and Montgomery Counties. We pride ourselves on being safe, fast, and affordable. Our 4.9 out of 5-star Facebook rating reflects the extremely high level of customer service we provide. These incredible reviews show why we are the preferred commercial paving contractors in Philadelphia.


Let’s break down three (of the many) commercial services that we offer in the Greater Philadelphia Area:


  1. Parking Lot Resurfacing – Whether you are engulfed in city life, or living in the burbs, businesses need places to park. The more volume an office has, the more wear-&-tear as well. If a parking lot becomes uneven, cracked, or has potholes, the APCON team can help. Our parking lot solutions are economical, and our estimates are free!After the lot is repaved, it is important to maintain its condition by properly seal coating it. The smoother the ride, the more likely customers are to return to your store. If clients have a bumpy ride before even entering your building, the odds are that they won’t be giving their friends a glowing review of the experience. On the other hand, professional speed bumps can be installed to regulate customers’ speed and show that safety is important to your company.
  2. Commercial Asphalt Paving – If one of your corporate offices needs new roads, or just maintenance on the existing grounds, Associated Paving Contractors deliver quick and efficient work that people recognize as brand new. Newly coated lots and streets protect the property from any spills or unwanted pollution that can damage the asphalt. Small cracks can grow exponentially, and eventually become hazardous to employees and customers alike.
  3. Oil Tank Removal & Installation – We utilize a PADEP licensed Tank Handler/Inspector. Our services work for above and below ground units. Many people do not realize the amount of rust and corrosion that can build up on these units. When disposing of any waste or sludge, you should use somebody who follows DEP regulations. Before removing or replacing a tank, we perform a thorough inspection to make sure it is necessary.


We take care of the dirty work so you don’t have to. We handle every job with care to leave a spotless, professional impression for all of your co-workers and clients.


For more information, visit www.assocpaving.com or call 215-672-8000 for a free estimate today!

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