A Tale of Transporting Trees

In yesterday’s APCON blog post, we reviewed our recent paving work at Tj Smith’s in Warrington, whereby we added a new parking lot and crosswalk to connect with an existing lot at this bustling restaurant’s site.

As part of the work performed at this site, a row of arbor vitae trees needed to be removed in order to construct the new lot and also to not serve as a barrier between the two parking areas.

One option in dealing with these trees would have been to have the trees cut down and turned into mulch, which would have been a perfectly normal solution.  However, we’re not your normal paving company!

Instead, we decided to remove the trees and transplant them at our equipment yard approximately five miles away from the restaurant.  The idea was that these trees would provide some shade, natural beauty, and privacy, along with the added bonus of keeping these lush trees from being destroyed.

Well– the outcome of the story has been overwhelmingly successful thus far:  After more than a month, the trees seem to have transported rather well and all of them seem to be readjusting to their new location nicely, although some branches were lost during the transition process, but we anticipate some of these thinned areas will grow back eventually.

The accompanying photo shows some of the newly planted trees as they look today.  Our green thumbs seem to be working well so far!

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