Asphalt Walkway Paving in Lower Makefield PA

Asphalt sidewalks have been a feature of Pennsylvania cities for a century, but many property managers overlook asphalt paving services for walkways. Not only is asphalt cheaper than concrete, but it also lasts longer.

If you’re curious about installing asphalt walkways on your Philadelphia area property, Associated Paving Contractors Inc is the paving contractor to call. We have decades of experience with asphalt pavement and can design attractive, durable sidewalks, parking lots, and walkways.

Advantages of Asphalt Pathways

  • Durability – Blacktop or asphalt lasts for decades, especially with proper pavement maintenance. Because pavement can flex with weight and temperature changes, it’s less likely to crack and deteriorate.
  • Safe Surface – Asphalt pavement is smooth so it’s safe for bikes and pedestrians and has a surface texture that provides traction and prevents slip and fall accidents.
  • Easy Maintenance – Asphalt walkways need little more than annual power washing, professional asphalt maintenance services like sealcoating are cost-effective.
  • Budget Friendly – Low costs for initial paving and cost-effective maintenance services make it an economical pavement option.
  • Eco-friendly – Because it’s made from petroleum products, asphalt is recyclable and manufactured in highly efficient

In Lower Makefield PA, Associated Paving Contractors Inc recently paved walkways in a public park, providing locals with safe places to walk year-round. We’re proud to help local municipalities and public property managers create safe spaces for Pennsylvania residents to drive, walk, and live. After all, we’re a local family paving company, so they’re our neighbors too!

To discuss asphalt walkways, parking lots, or any commercial pavement, contact us!

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