Blue Bell PA Sports Court Paving

Pickleball is fast taking over the nation, and property owners looking for a custom pickleball court should call a professional asphalt company. In Pennsylvania, Associated Paving Contractors Inc. (APCON) is the trusted company for asphalt solutions, including sports court paving. Recently, a property owner in Blue Bell, PA, reached out to APCON with a unique request: to pave a private pickleball court and design a shuffleboard area on the side.

The property owner faced several challenges, including an uneven surface. Understanding the increasing popularity of pickleball and the need for professionally paved sports courts, APCON stepped in to deliver a comprehensive solution.

Professional Sports Court Paving by APCON in Blue Bell, PA

The project began with a thorough site assessment, identifying the uneven terrain and planning the sports court paving process accordingly. APCON’s experienced team first leveled the ground, ensuring a stable foundation for the new pavement. Next, they performed high-quality asphalt paving to create a smooth, durable paved surface suitable for pickleball and shuffleboard.

After the sports court paving was completed, the team moved on to the detailed work of painting and striping the courts. APCON meticulously marked the pickleball court using precise measurements and high-quality paint, ensuring it met all standard dimensions. Adjacent to it, they designed and striped a shuffleboard court, providing a multifunctional sports area for the property owner.

This project highlights APCON’s versatility and commitment to delivering exceptional results, whether installing roads, driveways, or specialized courts. This service benefits property owners in manifold ways. Professionally paved recreation areas enhance the property’s curb appeal and provide a safe and enjoyable space for fun activities like pickleball. Additionally, a well-paved surface ensures durability and reduces maintenance costs over time.

Want to get in on the pickleball trend? Contact APCON in Blue Bell, PA, for Expert Sports Court Paving Services!

If you’re a property owner in the Warminster, Philadelphia area, considering similar enhancements, APCON’s expert team is ready to help. They can transform your vision into reality with their extensive experience in sports court paving and other asphalt services.

Contact Associated Paving Contractors Inc. today to discuss your project and get a free estimate! Invest in quality asphalt services and enjoy the benefits of a professionally finished sports court on your property.

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