Budgeting for Your Next Commercial Paving Project

When it’s time to start your next commercial paving project, budgeting is a major concern. The key to budgeting for commercial paving is to understand what asphalt paving services will be the most effective.

In communities like Willow Grove PA, Associated Paving Contractors Inc is the commercial paving company with the most experience and integrity. Business owners trust us to know what we’re doing and provide the most cost-effective asphalt services.

Budgeting Tips for Commercial Paving

It’s important to remember that you may not pay for paving services every year, and it can seem like a lot when you do get paving done. It’s vital to set aside a little every year so that when it comes time to purchase asphalt services, you have the money.

The most important thing for budgeting for commercial paving services is to categorize the services you’re getting and understanding whether they’re: routine repairs, preventative maintenance, or restorative maintenance services.

Routine Asphalt Repair Services

If your parking lot was installed correctly in the first place, you may not need any asphalt repair for a few years. However, certain types of asphalt damage are inevitable. Cracks are some of the first damage to appear, and they need to be taken care of early before they evolve into damage like potholes. Crack filling services are a great repair service to get early and often.

Preventative Pavement Maintenance

  • Parking lot sealcoating is the single most cost-effective pavement maintenance service because it prevents asphalt from developing cracks or surface deterioration.
  • Regular pavement sweeping and cleaning can also hold off asphalt damage by removing debris or vehicle fluids that can break down asphalt.

Restorative Parking Lot Maintenance Services

When sealcoating isn’t enough, restorative asphalt maintenance services like asphalt overlay, resurfacing, and patching can keep your commercial pavement stable and prevent structural damage that requires asphalt replacement.

Trust Associated Paving Contractors: Commercial Paving Experts in Willow Grove PA

When it comes time to install a parking lot or do another commercial paving project in Willow Grove PA, Associated Paving Contractors Inc should be your first call. Contact us today to get a detailed estimate on the most cost effective asphalt paving services in the industry!

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