Commercial Paving and Seal Coating Project in Philadelphia, PA

At Associated Paving Contractors Inc, we’re the go-to for parking lot paving and seal coating because we have four decades of supporting businesses in Philadelphia, PA. Recently, a valued returning client in Philadelphia faced a pressing issue: a parking lot riddled with bothersome potholes and cracks. With confidence in our expertise, they reached out to us to address the problem swiftly and effectively.

Our seasoned team of asphalt experts conducted a thorough assessment of the site, identifying an area with potholes and worrisome cracks affecting the lot’s functionality and safety. To provide a lasting solution, we implemented precise pothole repair methods that targeted and repaired the damaged areas and then sealed in the new asphalt paving with sealcoating, leaving no trace of the previous potholes. But we didn’t stop there; our commitment to quality extended to parking lot striping, ensuring clear and organized traffic flow.

Safety and accessibility are paramount to us. During this commercial paving and seal coating project, we prioritized traffic control and efficient operations to ensure the safety of everyone visiting the business. Our Philadelphia commercial property owners were not only impressed with the speed and convenience of our paving and seal coating services but also the meticulous attention we paid to creating a secure environment for their customers and staff.

Trust Us for Your Parking Lot Paving and Seal Coating Needs!

At Associated Paving Contractors Inc., we’re proud to be a part of the Philadelphia, PA, community and assist local business owners with their commercial asphalt needs. If you’re grappling with similar challenges on your property, don’t hesitate to contact us for quality paving, seal coating, and line striping. We’re here to ensure your property is in its best shape.

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