How Should a New Asphalt Surface Look?

Remember the last time you got a new pair of jeans?  With tomorrow being Christmas, you may even find a new pair of jeans waiting for you in a neatly wrapped box under the tree.  At which point you can finally ditch those old jeans you’ve had for years even though they are torn to shreds until each individual denim molecule is so strained it can barely retain the properties of a solid. It actually becomes denim vapor (a reference to Seinfeld, for those of you keeping score).

Well, perhaps you try these new jeans on and they looked good but maybe didn’t quite feel “perfect” as you hoped?

In some ways, the analogy of getting a new pair of jeans is comparable to getting a new asphalt surface on your parking lot.

When you try on a new pair of jeans, chances are that they are stiff and not very forgiving in certain areas, to say the least.

As it turns out, a parking lot is much the same way.

The day when your new lot is completed you’re going to see a shiny, black, fresh new asphalt surface, just as you would look at a new pair of jeans and see just the right color, shape, and overall look you were going for.

And just like a new pair of jeans, a new asphalt parking lot will look and feel better after some breaking in as cars pass over it and it gets a little bit weathered.

On a new parking lot, you might see some small defects such as divots or bubbles, but given a few weeks of settling these small imperfections will start to smoothe out, since asphalt blacktop has somewhat malleable properties to it.

You will also find that line striping and curb painting will make a world of difference on the overall look of a parking lot.  There’s nothing like the crisp contrast of new white or yellow paint on a rich, black parking lot or road.  The imperfections that you noticed before will seemingly disappear before your very eyes.

So if you get your parking lot repaved and you’re a little concerned about the surface not looking absolutely “perfect,” remember that just like new denim jeans, give it some time and blacktop will break in beautifully.

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