Industries We Serve

At Associated Paving Contractors, we specialize in serving commercial property owners and property managers in a wide variety of industries from retail to multi-family housing.

Industries We Serve

  • Shopping Centers

    A professional looking parking lot with smooth, dark asphalt and bright, visible parking lines is a draw for potential customers, so it’s vital to get the highest quality parking lot paving possible. At Associated Paving Contractors, we can also help with concrete paving on walkways, entrances, ramps, aprons, and bollards.

  • Office Buildings

    Employees need to feel like their company cares about them, and one way to show that is to keep up the parking lot and other paved areas on your property. Damaged pavement can cause pedestrian and vehicle accidents, so ongoing pavement maintenance is also important.

  • Industrial & Manufacturing Complexes

    Industrial pavement needs to be more stable and stronger than other types of asphalt in order to stand up to constant wear and heavy loads. Our pavement experts will listen to your needs and come up with commercial paving solutions that meet them.

  • Healthcare

    In the healthcare field, your properties need to be very safe, easy to navigate, and totally ADA compliant. The paving experts at Associated Paving Contractors are trained in all municipal and federal codes as well as experienced in paving, so we can create the safest pavement for your employees and patients.

  • Municipalities

    Local drivers deserve safe roadways, and pedestrians in local parks deserve safe and durable walkways. Our roadway paving, line striping, and concrete paving services are designed to help municipalities serve their population.

  • Apartment Buildings & HOAs

    Multi-family residential areas require safe, stable pavement to best serve their tenants. We’re proud to pave roadways, parking lots, sport courts, and pathways for homeowners associations and property management firms.

Associated Paving Contractors: Commercial Paving Experts in Philadelphia PA

No matter what industry your Pennsylvania commercial property falls under, know that Associated Paving Contractors can help you improve your property values by installing new pavement, restoring asphalt with repair services, or maintaining your pavement assets.

Contact us to get a free inspection and consultation about your pavement needs.

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