Montgomery County Parking Lot Pavement Maintenance 101

Commercial pavement maintenance may seem low on the priority list for Montgomery County PA business owners and property managers, but proper commercial paving services can make the difference between an attractive, safe parking lot and a commercial property no one wants to drive on.

As the trusted commercial paving company in the Delaware Valley, Associated Paving Contractors have the right pavement maintenance services to keep area parking lots, industrial pavement, and roadways safe and beautiful.

Parking Lot Pavement Maintenance for Property Managers in Montgomery County PA

Why Get Parking Lot Maintenance

Not only is your commercial parking lot the first thing potential customers see when visiting your property, it’s a vital part of your commercial property values and safety. Faded parking lines, outdated signage, and broken pavement are all hazards for both customers and employees.

How Asphalt Pavement Deteriorates

Wear and tear of vehicle traffic obviously breaks down pavement, but other factors contribute to deterioration. Sunlight, specifically UV rays, breaks chemical bonds in the asphalt, making it brittle and subject to cracking. Water can soak into porous pavement and then break it when it freezes. Luckily, pavement maintenance services are designed to combat these conditions.

How Pavement Maintenance Protects Your Parking Lot

These parking lot maintenance services can slow down asphalt deterioration significantly.

  • Parking lot sealcoating replenishes chemicals in asphalt that keep it flexible, as well as provides a layer of protection against the weather.
  • Routine crack filling keeps small cracks in your asphalt or concrete from worsening and turning into potholes or deteriorated pavement.
  • Regular pavement inspections from a professional commercial paving contractor ensure that any developing damage is caught early.

Associated Paving Contractors Inc, Montgomery County PA’s Trusted Parking Lot Maintenance Company

With over forty years of experience in the paving industry, our family business has the asphalt paving expertise to take care of your family business. We have developed cutting-edge and cost-effective pavement maintenance and repair services to improve and preserve your parking lot.

Contact us for a free pavement inspection and consultation about a custom parking lot maintenance plan!

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