Parking Lot Line Striping and ADA Compliance Project in PA

When it comes to asphalt parking lots, property owners not only need to worry about keeping their asphalt pavement in good condition but also ADA compliant. The Americans with Disabilities Act ensures that citizens of all levels of mobility can access public buildings. The way to get your parking lot up to code with the ADA is to contact your trusted local paving company because they have the right equipment for line striping.

To help a local business with their old parking lot in Scranton PA, Associated Paving Contractors performed parking lot line striping. Our ADA compliance services are second to none, ensuring that your asphalt parking lot is safe for all drivers. For the Scranton PA parking lot project, the experienced APCON crew put together several different parking lots paving services. First, we performed asphalt repair services to fill cracks and fix potholes. Next, we applied asphalt sealcoating to seal in the repairs and create a protective layer to slow down pavement deterioration.

Finally, we performed parking lot line striping services. Using technologically advanced pavement marking equipment, we applied quality traffic paint to the prepared asphalt surface. Not only did we create parking spaces, but we also applied loading zone stripes and handicapped parking symbols. These pavement markings make the parking lot ADA-compliant, ensuring that parking is accessible to all and that the property owner is free from liability.

If you need to bring your asphalt parking lot back to good condition or are curious if your parking is ADA-compliant, contact Associated Paving Contractors today.

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