Parking Lot Striping Saves Philadelphia PA Business

When visiting a business, the pavement is the first thing you encounter. When the asphalt is gray flaking, and the line striping is faded, it looks unattractive. That’s where Associated Paving Contractors Inc. provides professional parking lot striping services, ensuring a safe and visually appealing environment for businesses and their customers.

Associated Paving Contractors: Revitalizing Parking Lots with Expert Striping Services for Over 30 Years

parking lot stripingIn collaboration with a commercial property owner near Philadelphia, PA, we tackled the challenges of a deteriorating parking lot. Our comprehensive service began with sealcoating, where we meticulously cleaned the surface, filled cracks, and applied a protective sealant to extend the pavement’s lifespan. With a rejuvenated surface, we proceeded to the crucial step of parking lot striping.

Using advanced equipment and techniques, we meticulously painted stripes, designated no-parking zones, and essential traffic markings. Our team employed stencils and precision sprayers to ensure accurate placement, including ADA-compliant symbols for handicapped spaces.

A Guide to ADA Pavement Markings for Commercial Property Managers and Developers

Though most business owners aren’t aware of it, the Americans with Disabilities Act applies to your parking lot, and ADA compliance is essential for any property accessed by the public. Accessible spaces must be strategically located on the shortest accessible route to the facility’s entrance, considering pathways for individuals with disabilities. ADA regulations dictate specific requirements for walking surfaces, including slope gradients and width specifications. These guidelines aim to provide stability, firmness, and slip resistance to walking surfaces like concrete sidewalks and asphalt paved areas, accommodating various mobility needs.

For commercial property managers and developers, understanding and implementing ADA requirements are essential to avoid legal issues and create welcoming and inclusive environments. By partnering with Associated Paving Contractors Inc., property owners can ensure compliance with ADA regulations and enhance the accessibility and safety of their parking lots.

Pennsylvania Businesses, Enhance Your Property and Become ADA Compliant with Fresh Line Striping!

Ready to transform your commercial property in Philadelphia? Contact Associated Paving Contractors Inc. for expert parking lot striping services. Ensure ADA compliance, enhance safety, and create a positive impression with a professionally striped parking lot. Schedule your consultation today!

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