Proper Asphalt Paving Malvern PA

As Pennsylvania’s most trusted asphalt contractors, Associated Paving Contractors Inc, recently completed a successful project, “Proper Asphalt Paving Malvern PA.”  When it comes to long-lasting asphalt pavement, soil stabilization is vital.  We understand this at Associated Paving Contractors Inc.  Because of our highly reputable standing within our community, a PA property owner recently contacted us about installing asphalt pavement. Our company’s asphalt expert arrived quickly to inspect the property.  As it turned out, the customer’s property contained a stream.  As a result, the bank needed serious site preparation before work could begin.  Luckily, the Associated Paving Contractors crew is experienced in soil stabilization and asphalt installation.

Soil stabilization is a crucial step in preparing a base for asphalt paving. The soil may shift under the pavement without proper stabilization, leading to cracking, potholes, and other pavement defects. Stabilizing the soil involves adding lime, cement, or asphalt to improve its strength, durability, and resistance to water and erosion. This process helps create a solid and sturdy base that can support the weight of the asphalt pavement and prevent the development of pavement distress. Overall, soil stabilization is essential for ensuring the longevity and safety of asphalt pavements.

During this Malvern, PA asphalt paving project, we performed soil stabilization services by installing large rocks along a stream bank to support the soil at the top of the bank. With reinforcing rock, we were able to begin the asphalt paving process. First, we compacted the earth above the stabilized area and then installed, graded, and compacted a gravel aggregate layer. Finally, we applied a thick layer of asphalt pavement to finish the installation.

The customer loved their new pavement and felt secure that it would last for decades. If you need asphalt paving in PA, Associated Paving Contractors Inc is the one to call!

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