Revitalizing Asphalt Project: Parking Lot Maintenance Horsham PA

Associated Paving Contractors, Inc recently completed project, “Revitalizing Asphalt Project: Parking Lot Maintenance Horsham PA.”  The customer reached out to us to assist in their parking lot repair needs.  In Horsham, PA, Associated Paving Contractors, Inc is dedicated to business owners and making sure they get the right parking lot maintenance services.

Line Striping, Parking Lot Seal Coating, Pavement Inspections: Is Your Parking Lot in Need of Repair Work?

It might be time to get some pavement maintenance services if you see the following conditions on your asphalt parking lot:

  • Faded Parking Lines – The parking lines, traffic symbols, and handicapped parking symbols are a vital part of your parking lot, and they need to stay bright and visible to keep visitors to your property safe and keep you in compliance with the ADA and local regulations. Line Striping services will fix this.
  • Alligator Cracks – This type of cracking is made up of many small, interconnected cracks. While it may not seem like a big deal, alligator cracking exposes the asphalt aggregates to air and moisture, and can lead to worse damage over time. Prevent worsening cracks with Crack Filling services.
  • Dry, Brittle Asphalt Surface – Your parking lot is subject to UV rays and the heat of the sun all year, and these things can leech important oils and chemicals out of your asphalt, leaving the surface unable to flex under tires so it will more easily crack. Parking Lot Sealcoating is the best remedy for surface damage.
  • Aging Pavement – As your pavement ages, all these problems can develop even with regular maintenance. After 10 years, get your trusted local paving company to inspect your parking lot. Regular Pavement Inspections keep you up to date on what your commercial asphalt needs to remain in good repair.

Associated Paving Contractors: Parking Lot Maintenance Experts

If you’re worried about the health of your asphalt parking lot or commercial pavement in Pennsylvania, don’t wait! Parking lots can develop damage without regular pavement maintenance services from a commercial paving company you trust.

Contact Associated Paving Contractors Inc today for a pavement inspection and consultation!

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