Associated Paving’s Seamless Parking Lot Repair in Marlton, NJ

Associated Paving Contractors Inc., a family-owned asphalt business since 1992, has taken pride in delivering top-notch commercial paving services in Marlton, NJ, and surrounding areas. Recently, we addressed the deteriorated asphalt, potholes, and cracks plaguing a commercial parking lot for a furniture and mattress retailer in Marlton.

Addressing Potholes in Marlton, NJ: A Case Study in Asphalt Patching

The client faced a significant challenge with an area of their parking lot in disrepair. Our thorough inspection revealed damage to the base layer, requiring immediate attention. The service process involved precise asphalt patching to fix potholes. This included cutting away damaged asphalt, repairing the base layer, applying new hot mix asphalt, and smoothing for a seamless, durable repair.

Why Use Asphalt Patching for Parking Lot Repair?

Asphalt patching is crucial for pothole repair as it addresses the underlying issues, ensuring a lasting solution. It involves not just superficial fixes but a comprehensive process that restores the integrity of the pavement, preventing future damage.

This parking lot repair project showed our commitment to quality and efficiency. The furniture and mattress retailer client expressed their satisfaction, stating, “Thoroughly impressed with the work that Associated Paving completed for us!” This echoes our dedication to customer-oriented service and effective communication.

Marlton parking lot repair

Serving Montgomery County, Bucks County, Delaware County, Lehigh County, and Camden County, NJ, since 1970, APCON is a full-service commercial paving and industrial site contractor. Our family-owned legacy, dating back to 1992, speaks to our longevity and commitment to excellence. We prioritize communication, minimizing disruptions to businesses, and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Elevate Your Property with APCON!
If your commercial property in Marlton, NJ, or nearby areas faces parking lot issues, consider Associated Paving for seamless parking lot repair solutions. Our team gets it done efficiently and right, with minimal disruptions to your operations.

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