Signs That You Should Have Your Parking Lot Paved

When you pull your car up to a store, what’s the first thing you notice? Since your car has to park in the parking lot for you to enter the store, you inevitably notice it right away. Believe it or not, a parking lot can say a lot about a store.

If you pulled into a store parking lot and your car hit a pothole, you would probably walk into the store with a negative attitude because you had a bad experience before even walking in. The parking lot sets the scene for a store.

Now, if you’re a store owner as well as a consumer, imagine this experience. You don’t want people walking into your establishment already having a negative feeling toward it because of a parking lot, which doesn’t have much to do with your business.

But regardless of whether the parking lot has anything to do with you, it is a representation of your property and your business. That is why you should keep a lookout for these signs that you should have your parking lot paved, resurfaced or seal coated by the paving professionals at Associated Paving Contractors, Inc.

Your parking lot needs to be paved or repaired if:

  1. 1. A drain in the parking lot sank
  2. A pothole opened up
  3. Speed bumps are defective or undefined

Though these issues above aren’t serious, they can definitely be annoying to drive through. These small problems can be solved by a paving or repair to the parking lot or the affected area.

Your parking lot needs to be resurfaced if:

  1. The above issues aren’t taken care of as soon as possible
  2. There is a serious issue that affects driving in the lot

Resurfacing is necessary if a specific area of a parking lot needs serious and meticulous attention.

Your parking lot needs to be seal coated if:

  1. The lot looks old, worn out, or discolored
  2. Gasoline and salt are affecting the quality and appearance of the lot

Sealcoating makes a parking lot look as good as new. It gives customers the impression that business owners keep up with their property. Also, sealcoating keeps materials like gasoline and salt out of the asphalt. Have trash cluttering the parking lot? Our roll-off dumpster rental in Montgomery County can help you clean up.

Ultimately, it is imperative for a business owner to always keep an eye on the parking lot. You never know what could turn a customer away or put someone in danger. That’s why it’s important to call Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. with any and all of your needs for commercial parking lots in the Philadelphia area.

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