The Art of Maintaining a Parking Lot

If you’re the owner of an asphalt parking lot, you often trace your thoughts along a plain of flatness. However, if you are, you probably also need to upkeep its flatness, beauty, and sheen, so you’d be wise give our commercial concrete contractors near Philadelphia a call. However, here are some things you can do to keep it looking great all on your own.

Keep It Clean

Though it may seem obvious to some, the cleanliness of your parking lot is essential if you wish to please the public. Debris doesn’t only mean rocks, leaves, dirt, and all the all-natural sorts. We keep an eye out for any stray and sharpened nails—the tire busters that they be. Accumulations of dirt and water, aside from soaking socks, form makeshift ponds, giving way to potholes. Solid as asphalt may feel, it slowly softens, submerged in large bodies of water. Don’t forget about the trash that collects, either. As you’re sweeping, make a habit of scanning for any concrete imperfections, necessitating a commercial paving. Montgomery County, PA and the surrounding areas appreciates our professionalism, so rest assured we will be there to help keep your property clean and sturdy!

Root out the Weeds

We often pose the question: would you permit a jungle of weeds to flourish near your tiled swimming pool? Do not underestimate the havoc that weeds can unleash underground, as their roots shove, forcing themselves up to the surface. You’re left with a parking lot riddled with cracks, and an infestation of green. Consult your local home department store, or any gardening store for a human and pet-friendly weed killer.

Beware of Dripping Oils

Beautiful as your parking lot may be, it’s likely to succumb to dripping oils, grazed as it is by automobiles and their engines. Oil, aside from leaving an ugly, greasy residue, pools like all liquids, wrecking its own havoc. Parking lots gradually give way to oil damage, their integrity, and coating, dissolving day by day. The sooner you catch this, the sooner you can repair or reseal your lot. A sealcoating comes with a certain charm. With a crew like ours, Associated Paving Contractors, Inc., we can guarantee your lot will be looking brand new after we’ve trailed over.

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