Tips to Help Prevent Damage to a Parking Lot Throughout the Summer

In a parking lot, most people are concerned about someone carelessly dinging their doors or driving recklessly and causing an accident. But, did you know that the most damage is taken by the parking lot itself? Commercial parking lots in Philadelphia take a large amount of abuse from heavy vehicles and Mother Nature, and they’re not always a small expense to fix either.

By taking steps to protect your parking lot during the summer months, you’ll save time and money later in the year.

● Create a maintenance schedule. Cracks in the asphalt of your parking lot may start as a small (even unnoticeable) issue, but with the heat of the summer, a small crack can quickly turn into a huge problem. At least once a week, take a look at the condition of your parking lot after business hours, and if you locate any cracks or damage, contact trusted commercial concrete contractors in Philadelphia such as us here at Associated Paving Contractors, Inc., to stop the problem as soon as it starts.

● Protect from excessive heat. In the summer, one of the biggest dangers your parking lot will face is rising temperatures. Asphalt is good at absorbing heat, but excessive sunlight can cause the material to oxidize, causing the asphalt to crumble and crack. Protect your parking lot with sealcoat, which can help to save your parking lot from premature cracking and aging.

● Create a special zone for heavy vehicles. Heavy vehicles like delivery and garbage trucks put a massive amount of pressure on your parking lot. In fact, just one garbage truck puts on the same amount of strain as about 2,000 cars! This does damage to your parking lot, and can cause your asphalt to grey and crack. Consider minimizing the impact of these trucks by installing deeper asphalt in delivery and pickup zones, and make sure to give this area the special attention and maintenance it needs.

To learn more about how Associated Paving Contractors, Inc. can keep your parking lot looking great this summer, please give us a call at 215-672-8000.

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