Available All Winter: Asphalt Repair Philadelphia PA

You may have heard of asphalt contractors that can’t provide hot mix asphalt or asphalt repair in winter, but that’s simply not the case. In Philadelphia PA, Associated Paving Contractors, Inc just completed project: “Available All Winter: Asphalt Repair Philadelphia PA.”  We are the paving company trusted by property owners to install asphalt parking lots and repair commercial pavement all year long. With decades of experience in the paving industry, we are well-versed in the latest asphalt paving technologies that allow us to provide hot mix asphalt in Philadelphia all winter long.

Need asphalt paving during a cold Pennsylvania winter? Recycled Hot Mix Asphalt from Associated Paving Contractors is the answer!

We have specialized paving equipment that can make hot mix asphalt for permanent pavement repairs all winter long using a special asphalt recycling process. Our cost-effective, environmentally-friendly asphalt recycling equipment produces high-quality hot-mix asphalt that’s over 300 degrees and ready for use in all kinds of paving projects. Not only does our asphalt recycling provide new hot mix asphalt, it’s great for the environment!

For hot-mix asphalt all year round in Philadelphia PA, Associated Paving Contractors is the paving company to call!

While it’s important to create a commercial pavement maintenance plan for the year, property managers or owners needing asphalt services in the winter can trust Associated Paving Contractors to meet their needs with high quality recycled hot mix asphalt.

Contact us at any time of the year to learn about our cost-effective, environmentally-friendly asphalt paving solutions from Associated Paving Contractors!

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