Successful Parking Lot Paving Project in Philadelphia, PA

Associated Paving Contractors Inc., Philadelphia, PA’s premier asphalt company, is your trusted source for top-quality parking lot paving and restoration services. Our decades of experience have taught us the significance of maintaining commercial asphalt in prime condition.

A returning customer reached out to us, recognizing our status as an industry leader, and sought our expertise in reviving their parking lot. They made the right choice, and we were eager to enhance both the functionality and visual appeal of their parking facility. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction guided us throughout the project.

Our skilled representative promptly inspected the commercial property, offering a thorough and accurate quote for the paving project. The pavement exhibited an array of issues, including troublesome potholes, cracks, surface damage, and an uneven top layer. We tailored our solution to their specific needs, quoting them for services such as crack sealing, selective patching to restore the asphalt, and restriping for improved traffic control and ADA compliance.

During this parking lot paving project, we executed the services swiftly and efficiently, ensuring a quick turnaround. Our experienced team addressed the damaged areas, carefully matching the new asphalt to the existing surface, guaranteeing a seamless result. We also integrated the property’s existing drainage system to ensure proper water flow and keep the new pavement looking good for longer.

Our dedication to providing top-quality paving services in Philadelphia, PA, has been recognized by our clients. They were delighted with the final results and commended our professionalism throughout the project. At Associated Paving Contractors Inc., we’re the trusted choice for your parking lot restoration needs.

If your commercial property requires similar services, don’t hesitate to contact us today. We’re here to provide you with the best paving solutions!

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